Greens Marine Stainless. Fabricating the highest quality stainless steel furniture for Australian boating enthusiasts.

About Greens Marine

We’re a specialist marine-grade stainless steel fabricator with the skills to design, construct and install. Our clients include multi-award-winning boat manufacturer CruiseCraft as well as trucking businesses, automotive customisers, retailers, homeowners and builders. Our business is second-generation, rolling into the third; our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Custom solutions for your requirements

We can customise one of our existing designs, or turn your concept into a reality. Cruisers, offshore fishing vessels, ski boats, jet skis, runabouts – fibreglass, glass or alloy.

We own boats, we use boats – we know how to set them up for fishing, for skiing, for cruising.

Custom stainless solutions - Marine

Proud Perfectionists

The trusted choice for Cruise Craft vessels. We provide superb quality custom stainless steel fittings, railings, rod holders and many other fixtures.

With thousands of vessels proudly featuring Greens Marine Stainless fixtures, we’re the top choice for quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

Boating enthusiast John Daffy tells us about his experience with one of our top selling products – Outrigger Rod Holders.